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Pond Plants

We carry a diverse range of water plants - marginal, emergent, submerged and wetland plants. You can find a copy of our retail water plant catalogue here.


The water plants section of our nursery is open for sales by appointment only, please email or phone us on 0438817577.

Not all water plants are available for purchase via mail order.  Mail order pond plants include waterlilies, mixed grasses & sedges and mixed marginal plants.  Fertiliser tablets are also available for purchase (see our 'other products' page).

Prices shown on our various water plants are for retail customers but wholesale enquiries are welcome.

We also have a planting guide available to assist in ascertaining how deep or shallow particular water plants should be placed in your ponds.


Not every available plant is listed so if you are looking for a particular plant please contact us as we may have it in stock.

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